About our CEO

How Nerd in the Area became a reality

I got my start by using simple platforms that practically did all the design and work for you, it just required you to put your content in certain places. But that just wasn't enough for me. I wanted the ability to do more, the ability to use my own creativity and ideas, the best opportunity to stand out, I wanted my projects to be unique. Searching for answers, with companies that currently exist, it always led to the same dead end point, needing more money to do what I wanted. So I decided to pursue my own dream and develop a company doing something I loved to do, and be as creative as I wanted, not holding back because of how much something cost. Though I knew this is something I wanted to pursue, I wasn't 100% sure just how I wanted to use or pursue this new found love and dream.

Over time, I came up with a unique name that would stand out and would have purpose in the community. I decided to call my company Nerd in the Area. Have you ever just sat down, and just dreamed of something that seems would be the perfect match and fit for you? That's exactly how getting my company started felt and still feels like till this day. Though I immediately developed many resources, contacts, etc., I still seemed to feel like I was meant to do something more meaningful and truly discover what could be accomplished in my personal success and my abilities.

Sooner than later, this dream became a reality. It all happened due to one phone call from a company that was looking to hire someone with my skills and abilities. As I took this job, some of my colleagues took me under their wings and trained me how to write code and how to continue to develop my skills. As I continued to work with my colleagues and my mentor, I was able to finally complete my dream and deciding what my company would truly be and what it would stand for. I quickly learned that I could make my company stand out from many that exist like it today. Thus, I decided to base my company on three solid principles and ideas that lead my company. Those three principles are creative & innovative, no specific ties, and true client availability.

The thing that sets Nerd in the Area apart is we never stick to just one type of client. And the simple fact that I built my company around the moral of wanting to help people achieve their dreams just like I have and continue to do. Unlike many companies, Nerd in the Area doesnt exist just to make money, rather our work is a passion. Our team does this work for the love of technology and the love of creativity and innovation. In our eyes, every client is unique which enables us to design and try many new ideas and paths on a daily basis.