Web Design/Application Development

Nerd in the Area is not just a web design company. We are a web design company that aims to give each and every design a true meaning and purpose. Web design and development is an art. We take pride in our knowledge and ability to provide highly unique and interactive web design, web app development and other services that exceed our clients requirements and help them excel and market all their products and services both on and off the web. As we continue to work with different clients and grow with our skills, our knowledge and experience helps us to build cutting edge, innovative web designs, and web based apps.


Our branding team is something we truly take tremendous pride in. Our team takes the time and sits down with you to design and create a brand that will best represent you and your business, but more importantly will assist you in being unique!

Social Media

Our Social Media team goal is to assist you in building presense online. Social Media Marketing, at times can appear daunting. However, our team helps you engage as much audience as possible online via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social media platforms. There are hundreds of different social media sites that allow you to share information, ideas, your own specific talents, your company, your interest. By taking time to develop, design and utilize valuable information and interesting content, you are more capable of increasing and engaging a broader audience. These features, we assist you with from start to finish.