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Every client deserves something that is unique to them. Something that will help you and your business stand apart from the rest!

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Our Services

Our goal here at Nerd in the Area is and always will be to build and design a creative and successful website for your business that will leave your viewers in "Ah" and wanting to come back to your website. From the skills our team has acquired and continue to learn, we as a company provide websites that looks absolutely stunning, are very simple to understand and use, both for you and your audience, and that surpass your goals and aspirations.

Other companies try to make things seem more complicated than they really are at times, and hold information back from their clients. Our approach is to provide you will all the common knowledge and information that we have. Majority of businesses that need or want a website created don't just need it created, they also need help with each and every aspect of having the website created, and maintained properly so that their presence on the web is constant and improving.

Nerd Requirements

Here at Nerd in the Area we have 1 simple requirement...
That requirement is that you and your website must be:







Our Approach to Building a Unique Website

Leave no step unturned. Always have a plan!

Before beginning on any major new project, we sit down with you and determine a plan. This plan is to help you fully understand what you want, the purpose and objective of your website. We aim to build a solution that will get your audience to visit your website.

Our team takes each and every individual solution importantly, meaning that each new client we work with goes through the same process, every single time. During our introductory meetings, we sit down with you and take the time to get an idea of what you have as far as your goals and the objectives of the website you would like for us to create and design for you. After our team gains a full understanding of your ideas and expectations, we move into discovering the specific type of images, type of text content, and any specific features that you would like to have and see in your website.

With all of this information, it will allow our team to create a "Project Plan" - a plan that is provided to you for the building of your website or web application.

Sample Project Plan

Nerd in the Area Sample Project Plan

Communication with Nerd in the Area

Many companies provide you only one individual as your point of contact. Here at Nerd in the Area every member of our team knows about your project. We believe in great quality web work as well as great customer service. When working with us, you are provided with information and access to our Customer Service Team, our Design/Development Team, even the Founder/CEO of our company as well.

Mode of Operation

Once we have sat down with you and developed a plan for your project, a step by step process is followed in order to complete your project.

The key areas that our team focuses on are the following:


Domain Name

Website Development

Content Development

Deploying and Hosting your Website


Our Mission

We aim to create and design a website that is uniquely for you and your business, with a great sense of user interaction and that is not only appealing, but professional as well. We guarantee you will find that working with us is quite enjoyable.